About Us

We are a local family with two kids sharing the piece of paradise we live on with our guests. 3 horses, a dog, a cat and chickens live on our farm and many wild animals live in our piece of jungle: Jesus Christ lizards, iguanas, parrots, scarlet macaws, anteaters, otters, coatis, even tapirs.


  • grew up in the community of Drake Bay.
  • learned the trades of agriculture and carpentry from his parents, who where some of the first people to settle down in Drake Bay
  • received capacitation to work as a naturalist guide
  • started 2000 his own tourism venture, Rio Drake Farm
  • initiated 2004 the conservation project for the sea turtles on the Drake Bay beach and hosted it during several years.
  • designed and constructed all the buildings of Ecanto Lodge by himself
  • does whenever possible the pick-up/taxi service for our guests
  • likes watching soccer games
  • is a passionate fisherman


  • moved 2009 from Switzerland to Drake Bay after meeting Edu during her stay in Costa Rica when she was volunteering in a wildlife rescue center, learning Spanish and traveling the country.
  • graduated 2008 from the University of Zurich with a master’s degree in Ecology, Biology
  • Worked for Greenpeace youth support center and WSL conservation biology back in Switzerland after completing her studies
  • Loves horses since she remembers and fulfilled here her dream of having her own horses.
  • did the wall paintings
  • attends the website and reservations

Encanto Lodge

  • Our first common project us was Rio Drake Farm. We started very simple without electricity and step by step built it up and made it better. Beside tourists, Rio Drake Farm hosted many volunteers for the local turtle project, help with the farm and horses and for contributing to the development of the local community as construction of benches for the soccer field and a hammock bridge, building a system to get drinking water and toilets for the school, painting the school walls, community room and church, beach cleanings, tree planting, turtle conservation, building recycling stations in the community and planting vegetables in the school garden.
  • In 2019, we created our new project: Encanto Lodge using our experience gained with hosting and attending guests at Rio Drake Farm.
  • Encanto Lodge now consists of detached Cabañas that allow more privacy and more contact with nature for the guests. The rooms offer more comfort.
  • We still have ocean view from our restaurant, hammocks, wildlife on the river and in the jungle and the tasty meals.
  • With Encanto Lodge we want to give our guests the opportunity to connect with nature and (re)discover nature´s beauty by spotting wildlife, enjoying healthy and tasty meals, relaxing or discovering Drake bay on a tour organized by us and/or on their own.