Free activities

Paddle a Kayak or Canoe

lagoon in front of Encanto Lodge

Experience the peaceful atmosphere by navigating on the still water in the jungle or next to the beach. There is a little lagoon (in dry season and the beginning of raining season) and 2 arms and 2 creeks of the river Drake to discover the freshwater wildlife as night herons, king fishers, herons, jacanas fishes, Jesus Christ lizards, river otters, turtles, caimans, crabs or monkeys… You may just use the kayaks or canoes to go to the beach while observing the huge frigate bird drinking water in the lagoon.

yellow crowned night heron (Nyctanassa violacea)

Enjoy the beach

northern beach in front of Encanto Lodge

Just in front of Encanto Lodge, after passing the lagoon, there is a 3km long deserted beach inviting for a walk, to feel the salty water between your toes or watch breathtaking sunsets over the see beside Caño Island. Swimming is also possible when the sea is calm. There is a trail parallel to the beach on the north, where you can often see monkeys or scarlet macaws. On the northern end of the sandy beach you can find rocks that form little whirl pools during low tide.

scarlet macaw (ara macao)


the mangrove beach: a secret paradise

Beside the beach there are several trails around Encanto Lodge to walk on. We offer a 20 minutes trail just on our farm through the jungle to look for wildlife and breath in nature. There is a 3 hours hike to a hidden paradise, a deserted mangrove beach where it is beautiful to swim. Or you might want to go for a walk to Agujitas (1 hour to Drake Bay Center) or even farer to discover the southern coast of Drake Bay. Or stroll to the nearest village El Progreso to the local supermarket and see pre-columbian stonespheres and some birds on the way.

bamboo trail through our piece of jungle


fishing in the lagoon

The lagoon and river, especially the river mouth at the end of raining season, are ideal for fishing. You can try your luck from the shore or by canoe. For this activity you must bring your own fishing rod. There are red snappers and snooks, among others.

big catch in the river mouth: red snapper