Hike with horses to a paradise beach

Join us on our hike alongside a horse to a paradise beach perfect for swimming!

You can see different kinds of birds, sometimes monkeys,
pre-Columbian stone spheres, enjoy a spectacular view and learn about plants.

The horses walk on our side as our friends instead of being the slaves to carry us… much more relaxing for all participants!

Our hike leads to a paradise beach with shallow water for the perfect swim. You can even go into the water together with the horses if you wish! After having a sandwich we will head our way back to the lodge.

Duration: 5h (hiking 4h)

Included: Sandwich, cookie, juice, fruit

Please bring: Sun protection, Insect protection, Rain coat, towel, swimming suit, good shoes/boots

Why walking and not riding?

There are different reasons why we offer walking and not riding: from two of the horses having a physical limitation (COPD and back pain when ridden), to scientific studies (that prove horses do have pain in their back when ridden for more than 15min) to less confusion in the communication between humans and horses and less danger for humans without horse experience and a feeling of more safety and freedom for the horses.