Poison Dart Frog Tour

granular poison dart frog (Oophaga granulifera)

A hike to the mountains will lead you to a private forest reserve with a farm, secondary and primary forest. In the primary forest you can find some of the biggest trees and vines to swing yourself from one place to another. The highlights of the tour are the little poisonous dart frogs that can be found close to a small waterfall. You will have the opportunity to refresh yourself with a swim in the water hole and we will have a rest with a snack before hiking back. It is also possible to see birds and sometimes monkeys, sloths or other animals during this tour.

waterfall for swimming
Duration: Includes:
Approximately 7 a.m. – 10/11 a.m.   Snack
Entry fee
black and green poison dart frog (Dendrobates auratus)