Is Encanto Lodge next to the ocean?

Encanto Lodge is almost next to the ocean. There is a river “Rio Drake” (and its lagoon) in between Encanto Lodge and the beach. This means you have free view to the ocean from our restaurant and Cabaña Tapir. This means also, if you want to go to the beach, you will need to use our canoes or kayaks (free service).

What are the advantages of staying at Encanto Lodge?

We offer a free pick-up service and free parking to our guests. You can use our kayaks and canoes to navigate on the river and lagoon or go to the beach for free. You can experience peace, tranquility, nature and wildlife as it is far away from the city. You do not need to go on a tour to experience wildlife, you can see animals as scarlet macaws, parrots, jesus christ lizards, monkeys, kinkajous, frogs and toads, butterflies, humming birds, tamanduas or caimans just at or around Encanto Lodge. However, if you wish to go on a tour, e.g. to Corcovado National Park or Caño Island, we are happy to organize it for you. And last but not least, we cook tasty meals for you prepared with lots of love.

Is Encanto Lodge in the village?

Encanto Lodge is not in the (center of) the village. Drake Bay Area consists of 10 little villages, Agujitas being the center of Drake Bay at 3km from Encanto Lodge, and El Progreso being the closest village to Encanto Lodge at 1,5km.
In El Progreso you can find two small supermarkets and pre-Columbian stone spheres. In Agujitas, you can find many restaurants, two supermarkets, an icecream shop and a souvenir shop. If you want to visit the village Agujitas we either recommend you to come by car or, if you go on a tour to Corcovado/Caño Island/Whale&Dolphin Watching or Canopy, we can pick you up a little later than usual so you have time to visit the center. Another option is to pay a taxi ($20 one way) or make a hike along the beach (around low tide), and sometimes there is a bus, too.

Where can we have lunch?

If you wish to have lunch, we offer a lunch package, just let us know in advance and we can prepare it for you in the morning. This brings the advantage that you can have your lunch anywhere you wish, in our restaurant, at the beach or on a hike. If you go on a day tour, lunch is usually included. If you wish to have lunch in a restaurant, you might go to Agujitas by car/taxi/bus or hiking.

Is there an ATM in Drake Bay?

No there is no ATM and no bank in Drake Bay. This is why we recommend planning your activities/tours in advance and bringing enough cash. The next ATMS are in Puerto Jimenez, Palmar Norte or Chacarita.

I saw it is next to the Drake Bay airport. Is it very noisy?

Encanto Lodge is a very tranquil place.

Some people think because it is close to the runway of Drake Bay, it most be very noisy. Normally there are around 4 small planes (12-20pax planes) a day just landing and taking off 10minutes after, the first one to come around 9 a.m. There are days with fewer planes (sometimes in rainy season) or more planes (in dry season, with its peak around Christmas/new Year) and there can be some few odd days when a trainee pilot chooses to practice landing and taking off at Drake Bay airport.

We are at the dead end of a street, so there is usually no traffic noise. There is only a narrow path at the edge of our property where sometimes our neighbors or their visitors pass to there farm by motorbike.

There is some noise every morning and afternoon produced by the songs of the birds and there can be constant noise during the night especially in the rain season from cicadas and frogs. From our point of view there is nothing more beautiful and relxing than listening to the sounds of nature.

Is there Wi-Fi available at Encanto Lodge?

Yes we offer free Wi-Fi from 5p.m. to 8 p.m. in our restaurant.

Can I drive to Encanto Lodge?

Yes you can perfectly drive to Encanto Lodge. We recommend however to use a 4×4 vehicle and to plan your arrival during day time, as you need to go on a gravel road crossing streams. However, you don´t have to cross the big Rio Drake to get to Encanto Lodge, only if you want to go to the center of Drake Bay.

I read about Rio Drake Farm. Is it the same hotel or next to Encanto Lodge?

“Rio Drake Farm” used to be the name for our lodging business until 2017. Then, we were forced to rebuild and restart due to the amplification of the Drake Bay runway. Since the reopening we use the name “Encanto Lodge”.

What are the differences between Encanto Lodge and Rio Drake Farm?

At times of Rio Drake Farm, there used to be 4 rooms next to each other in one building. Now, it is only 2 rooms next to each other in one building. The other rooms will be separate in other buildings. There used to be a hammock bridge at times of Rio Drake Farm to go to the beach, which was destroyed by a storm. Now, at Encanto Lodge, we offer various kayaks and canoes to our guests free disposal to go to the beach or to navigate on river/lagoon. The location of our restaurant used to be slightly different, but the view is similar now. The location in general and the owners are still the same.

Does Encanto Lodge have air conditioning?

No, we do not offer air conditioning. However, all our rooms are equipped with fans and a balcony (mostly) with a nice breeze.

Can I bring my pet/dog?

No, we do not allow pets at Encanto Lodge.

What languages do you speak?

We both speak and understand Spanish and English, plus one of us speaks and understands German and Swissgerman and understands some French.